Electron Beam Welder Manufacturer

DCL Fusion are a specialist Electron Beam Welder manufacturer. DCL Fusion engineers have been involved with Electron Beam and Laser system design and manufacture for over 38 years.

DCL-Fusion offers effective solutions to all Electron Beam needs, however specialised. We cover the entire spectrum of ‘EB’ supply and also offer application consultancy to include Laser comparisons.

The company is not structured to produce a ‘standard product’. As a Electron Beam Welder Manufacturer we believe in application tailoring without standard cost penalties. Through this approach, we are able to take current user’s equipment and provide modernisation programmes in whole or part.

The above has proven to be an exceptionally cost effective way of increasing system longevity and enhancing performance.

Electron Beam Strip Welders

DCL fusion has extensive experience with Electron Beam Strip Welding. Both single and twin gun systems. Originally designed for the CRT industry, DCL Strip Welders are now used in a multitude of industries, from saw blade to electronics.

Refurbishments and Upgrades

DCL Fusion provides upgrade systems reuse existing, electron guns, chamber and pumping systems to replace ageing equipment at minimal cost. Upgrade kits produce new modern control systems to extend the life of existing equipment.

Electron Guns

DCL Fusion have a range of Electron Guns, both 60kV and 150kV. The electron optics where designed in conjunction with the TWI. They have been used in the electron beam welding industry since 1990. Specifically designed for welding. The high energy density spot, in a range of sizes, 0.020″, 0.030″ and 0.040″ provide a solution for all welding applications.

High Voltage Power Supplies

The superb Electron Guns are combined with the exceptionally reliable high frequency power supplies. 60kV and 130kV Power Supplies are available in a range of power ratings. The combination results in superb ripple free welding even at high welding speeds.

Contact DCL-Fusion for New (designed to suit) or New from Old EB equipment and for components and maintenance regardless of original manufacture.

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